Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations

Our paranormal investigation services are thorough, informative and detail-oriented.  We help you decipher whether or not your location, home, or office may be experiencing paranormal activity.

We do camera surveilance during key hours, video documenting of events, ghost box session and EVP recordings at location sites in order to collect positive and accurate data of events.

We review with the clients the history of the property, location details, and sensory information that they may be experiencing such as orb sitings and knocks and raps.

Our professional and certified mediums are present to help clients discern spiritual information and recieve guidance as to location activity.

Select from an all inclusive package or select service.  To schedule a paranormal investigation at your site please phone Dave Delise at (917) 655-9153.


Paranormal Site Investigation

This is an all inclusive package that includes documentary style production of alledged paranormal activity using ghost box recording, video and still photography, and sound recording.  Paranormal Dreams will conduct an initial consultation and review of the site.  This package also includes professional mediumship interpretation of events and activity.  This all inclusive package is $500.  First time clients receive half off their first session for a limited time.



Ghost Box Recording Session

Dave Delise is a master sound engineer and interpreter of voice box data.  A ghost box is a radio box that allows for actual voice or potential spiritual visitors to speak.  Dave conducts professional communication and interpretation sessions of recording for clients.

Cost: $150 per session