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Dave Delise, film maker and sound engineer, is the founder of Paranormal Dreams, an independent paranormal investigation service open to investigating paranormal activity nationwide.  Dave is known for his thoroughness, focus, and expertise in formulating in-depth site investigations using the latest technology including ghost box equipment, infrared cameras, and on-site mediumship by qualified mediums.  His team of investigators are some of the most reputable psychics in the field. 

Paranormal Dreams offers a variety of services including ghost hunting, in-person or distantly,  psychic/mediumship readings, and ghost box sessions.  Dave has appeared on numerous television shows discussing paranormal phenomenon including Spiritual Exploration, The Psychic Eye, and God's Way in New York City and is a documentary film producer.  Dave and the Paranormal Dream team is availabe for site investigation throughout the country. 



We offer many products and services to aid in your Paranormal adventures.

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