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Welcome to Our Site!

Paranormal Dreams is an independent paranormal investigation service open to investigating paranormal activity nationwide.  Led by Dave Delise, pararnormal investigator, Paranormal Dreams allocates, documents, and records site data related to paranormal activity.  Paranormal Dreams is comprised of experienced investigators who have a passionate interest in all things paranormal and have investigated a number of famous locations including St. Andrew's Church and Fort Wadsworth.  Phone (917) 655-9153 to register for a site evaulation today.     Thank you. Read more



Pararnormal Documentaries

Enjoy the new trailer for the "The Unrested",  the first paranormal documentary by Dave Delise, soundman, technician, and expert paranormal investigator.   "The Unrested" features the story of  St. Andrews Church in Staten Island, New York. "The Unrested" attempts to unravel the mystery of the hauntings from its core history.  Built in the 1700's, St. Andrew's Church has a history of paranormal activity.   Join us on this informative visit and hear the story behind the mysteries.  

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Pararnormal Programs

Paranormal Investigation


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